About this new book of mine…

I hinted in my opening post about the involvement of dragons in my latest work, tentatively titled ‘Horla’.

credit and (c) Tom Foster/Mercury Press 2017

There’s no doubt these creatures have fascinated humanity for millennia. In literature, they have been variously portrayed as wise, helpful, intelligent and often the companions of children who believe in them as opposed to adults who either run or come mob-handed armed with torches and pitchforks.

In modern fantasy literature, dragons can be benign or brutal, appearing as friends and confidants of human protagonists, or as the fire-breathing enforcers of the antagonists. Those who control dragons are imbued with magical abilities that enable them to harness their raw power. Often they have human-like abilities to communicate, possessing the full vocabulary and nuanced social understanding of human culture to fully interface with their human friends and enemies.

So what on earth is a dragon doing in the grounded world of Carl Rackman? In my books, I like to inject the uncertain and the incredible into relentlessly real-world contexts, allowing the characters to exist in our familiar world whilst grappling with the intrusion of the Unknown. In Irex, that unknown factor was fate and religion. In Voyager, it was extraterrestrial intelligence. And in Jonah, it was sea monsters.

Suffice to say, the appearance of dragons in Horla will faithfully follow that same principle, and will feature plenty of the suspense, thrills and twists that you know and love!

I’ll be elaborating on my journey to cross the line into fantasy creatures in my next post.


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